Bridesmaid’s Wedding Toast

It’s true that ‘words make a wedding’! No matter how beautiful the location and decoration, how gorgeous the bridesmaids and how lovely the cake and flowers, the exchange of vows and the toasts celebrating the marriage are what make the occasion memorable.

At most weddings, the ‘toast of the night’ is generally claimed to the best man’s right. A little bit of humor and candor, a couple of jokes deriding the bridegroom and some instances from is past and the speech is done. When it comes to the bridesmaid’s or the ‘maid of honor’s’ speech it is expected to be sweet and warm, the standard mushy type of script. But a bridesmaid’s speech can be made even more memorable with some thought and planning.

To ensure that the speech in honor of the newlyweds goes off without a hitch, it is important to remember the following factors:

1. Taking the speech seriously – gracefully accepting the honor and responsibility

2. Avoid procrastination – get on the job and make notes a couple of weeks before D-day

3. Include the necessities – a personal favorite memory or joke about the couple that is emotionally significant

4. Keep it short and sweet – avoid rambling or including gimmicky anecdotes

5. Practice makes perfect – rehearse the speech to avoid getting a panic attack

Here are some tips to make a heartwarming bridesmaid’s speech.

• Specific in praise – generic terms like ‘she’s the best’ or ‘she’s so lovely’ etc may sound good but they don’t add up. A couple of instances of stories that reveal the bride’s qualities will do the trick. Blanket statements don’t send the point across as much as a real-life incident where the connect is visible.

• The bride is the focal point – sharing close incidents or stories about the bridesmaid’s closeness with the bride is fine as long as the focus stays on the bride. Talking about the bride and groom and their fantastic relationship puts them in full view as ‘the couple of the hour’.

• Leaving the embarrassment out – everything from the treasure trove is not for public sharing. There should be no mention of ex-boyfriends or dating failures and other embarrassing instances.

• Begin with the bride, end with the wedding couple – a bridesmaid is closest to the bride so trace the romance of the bride and the groom, the role they have played in each other’s life and how they complement each other.

Pre-Wedding Functions in Keralite Weddings

One needs to understand that a wedding not only brings 2 people close but also their families. As a result all the weddings involve a plethora of occasions that lead to the wedding. These pre wedding functions are occasions where both the family members can get close to each other. A typical Kerala Matrimonial is slightly orthodox and follows the traditions to the core. In a way one can say that they follow a keralite wedding traditions and norms to the hilt. However, that certainly does not mean that one needs that one cannot mix and match. Couples today are exposed to so many external factors and they are open-minded. They in a way want the best of all traditions and believe in having a memorable wedding as per their own terms.

Here are a few modern pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings that today’s couples are engaging in.

Mehendi Function: Though a Mehendi ceremony is mainly associated with a Muslim or a north Indian wedding, many brides are enthralled by the art of putting mehendi designs on their palm just before the wedding and want it to be a part of their special event in their life. After all, mehendi is an auspicious leaf that is crushed to make intrinsic and beautiful designs on the palm of the bride and groom. Though not a part of Keralite culture, there is no harm incorporating something auspicious during the pre wedding days. So, now that we have defended the mehendi, what actually happens on these pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings? Well, all friends and family (mainly the women population) get together and apply mehendi on the palm of the bride and her friends. It’s a great occasion to hang around, have fun and also relax a bit before the wedding. Imagine lots of fun, frolic, singing, dancing, and food and not to forget mehendi laden hands.

Sangeet: Again, this is not a typical pre-wedding function in Kerala Matrimonial. Sangeet is like a get together function before the wedding where both the bride and groom come together and dance to their hearts fill. That’s not all; even their family members dance and perform special skits for them to make them feel special. The skits are mainly made to show the relation and the love story of the couple. It’s a great occasion where all come together and have fun dancing around. These sangeet occasions can be held together by both the families or separately by the bride and the groom depending on the wish of the couple. In fact, some people take it with so much importance that they even ask a choreographer to help them perform their best.

We all know that weddings are also a lot of hard work. These small pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings which are not fully traditional allow the family members to relax a bit and have fun. These occasions can be held a few days before the wedding so that by the time the main wedding comes everyone has bonded and rejuvenated.

Benefits of Personalised Wedding Invitations

Personalised wedding invitations can offer you a wide number of fantastic benefits. Every bride wants her day to be special and memorable. The last thing you want is to find that the invitations you have chosen are identical to someone else you know who is getting married just before or just after you and the guest list has many of the same names.

Personalised wedding invitations gives you the opportunity of individuality. You are not sending out the run of the mill invite, but rather something that is unique to your wedding, something that will stand out, grab your guests attention and something that they can keep to remember this special day for years to come.

You get to allow your own personality to shine through. You want your guests to receive your invitation, open the envelope and immediately know whose wedding they have been invited to before reading it. Allowing your own personality to shine through with personalised wedding invitations gives you the ability to allow your own creativity to soar, to be different and unique and really set the tone for your special day.

Personalised wedding invitations are an opportunity for you to be unique. As mentioned before, no one wants their invites to be the same as everyone else’s. You have vested so much time and energy into planning this perfect day, there is no reason your invites shouldn’t reflect this. If you think about it, you may have taken your time selecting your engagement and wedding rings to ensure that they were different, so why settle for anything less when designing your invitations, the first impression your guests will have when it comes to your wedding day.

A great benefit which you may not have thought of yet is that you can get your invite to match your theme. Maybe you’re having a summer wedding brimming in cool blues and yellows, so why not match your invite to these colours. Rather than going the traditional white lace route, make your invite stand out, make a statement and grab your guests attention. Ensure your personalised wedding invitations provide your guests with a little insight on what they can expect on the day.

You can add fun elements when designing your own personalised wedding invitations. There is nothing to state you must follow a set design, colour or theme. This gives you the freedom to design what you want. You can add a photograph of the happy couple, write something fun and amusing or just change your colours to create something so different that it is guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone who receives one.

Remember when it comes to personalised wedding invitations it is important that you choose a reputable printer. It is a good idea to find a company that specialises in wedding invitations only, they will have years of knowledge and experience with using different papers and cards, playing with colours and coming up with a design that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

There are a number of online wedding invitation specialists you can take advantage of. What you will find is that ordering online is going to save you valuable time, energy and money. It doesn’t require you running back and forth to the printer and when your personalised wedding invitations are finished, they are effectively shipped to your door.

Always take the time to review the company, read their online reviews and ensure that they have the ability and facilities to provide you with high quality invites that match your particular brief.

Red Wedding Ideas For an Amazingly Memorable Day

There are very few precious days in a womans life that are meant to be the most memorable. One is the day she gets married. When a woman is planning her wedding, she has many details to attend to before the big day. One of the more important items is choosing the theme and colors for her wedding. Once the colors and theme are chosen, the rest of the details generally start to fall into place. Many women today are leaning more toward red wedding ideas. The reason for this because of the symbolism of red and how it stands out in a white wedding. That is not to say that everything is red, but it contrasts so nicely with the white.

The flowers are a major part of the color scheme because not only does the bride have to choose the types of flowers she wants, they have to match her red theme. When the theme and color scheme is red, then roses are often used, however there are many other flowers to choose from. Red roses are classic and represent desire, passion, and love. Some red wedding ideas may include using red boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen and small bouquets of red roses for the bridesmaids, too.

There are several other red wedding ideas that should be considered. Your reception colors and choice of foods should be along the lines of the color scheme as well. For instance, you could use red fruits, have petit fours with white and red as well as the wedding cake in those colors. It is a good idea to have the bridesmaids place their bouquets around the white cake and have it also decorated with red flowers. You may want to have red and white wines, have red meat carved for your guests and red candies on the tables.

You can invite your guests to be an active part of your theme as well. You can send them red wedding ideas such as asking the men to wear red ties with their suits. You can ask the ladies to wear other more neutral colors and combine them with red accessories such as earrings, purses, scarves, and necklaces. You can include the information with your wedding invitations. It will set some good guidelines for your guests and will be fun as well.

Important Wedding Accessories to Make Your Big Day a Memorable One

A wedding is one of the most highly anticipated event, not only for the bride and groom, but also for everyone involved. Thus, it is very important to plan it with proper care and attention.

Probably, the very first thing that comes in your mind when planning your own wedding is selecting the bridal accessories. No one would want to look bad on the day of her wedding. So, you will likely to find the perfect wedding gown for you, stylish hair clips, tiaras and other chic bridal accessories that would make you look beautiful and stunning.

Also, you want to keep the memory of your big day alive by having a video taken on your wedding day. Other useful supplies that are also important to consider include cameras, flowers, bells, matching colored ribbons, and other functional and decorative items that sometimes overlooked by couples.

While wanting to make your big day a spectacular event, you have to consider choosing wedding supplies according to the type of wedding you are planning as well as to the theme you want to show off. You might plan for a church wedding, destination wedding or a garden wedding, but whatever theme you want to choose do not forget these following items: a guest book, pen holder, ring pillow, and a flower girl basket(s).

the next thing you want to think about is your wedding reception. After you have finally exchanged vows with your partner and officially proclaimed as husband and wife, comes your wedding reception. Usually, the reception is the biggest part of the wedding, and the most favorite part that everyone look forward to. Thus, it is also very important to make that part pleasing and fun.

To make everyone feel comfortable while at the reception, encourage them to indulge in the delightful meals that are specially made for your wedding. Bridesmaids and groomsmen will be ushering the guests to their respective seats. Make sure that names of guests are clearly printed on the place cards and other table accessories are all set for the guests to help themselves.

One of the most important detail in your reception is the wedding cake. This is also what most guests look forward to. An ideal reminder to complement your wedding cake is to go for personalized wedding cake toppers and serving sets.

To end your wedding reception party, make sure to thank your guests by giving away wedding favors. Giving these little tokens is a good gesture to show appreciation for their presence just to be with you in the most special day of your life. Wedding favors come in so many choices to choose from. Depending on your desire, they can be something edible, decorative, useful, eco-friendly or even charity.

Wedding supplies such as wedding favors, centerpieces, cake toppers, cameras, flowers, wedding guests books, wedding ring pillows, serving sets and other bridal and reception accessories are widely available online. Consider to personalize your choices by including your names or initials, and the date of your wedding on those accessories.